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"Stone is doing her part to keep the music alive..."

Gary Graff, Billboard, Detroit, March 23, 2007

"Few groups have been as influential and enigmatic as San Francisco’s Sly and the Family Stone, who blazed brightly…"

Q&A: Rose Stone of the Family Stone  April 17, 2007

"The music has never been more influential."

Todd Leopold – CNN - April 10, 2007

"…to the members of Sly & the Family Stone, the exquisite combination of funk, soul, psychedelic rock and gospel music that propelled the band to the top of the charts was nothing more than church music…" 

By Larry Getlen New York Post, April 15, 2007


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Press Release

Rose Stone Letterhead

"I'm doing my part to make the world a better place.”

Rose knows that she’s a part of history.  After all she has nine gold and three platinum records that brought her to world renown.  And that is just the beginning.

“I sang with my brother (Sly) even before there was a Sly and the Family Stone. He created jingles, produced different artists and shows. I was the vocalist for all of his projects. Those projects eventually transitioned into the group.  We accomplished a lot when there wasn’t anybody else there but Sly and me.”

Since then, Sister Rose has never stopped performing.  As a child, and then making up the Family Stone band, she has been productive in every sense of the word. Her portfolio of talents can be seen and heard in television, film, documentaries, on soundtracks and commercials.

Rose’s film credits include The Lady Killers, Touchstone Pictures; The Preacher’s Wife, Samuel Goldwyn & Touchstone Pictures, Penny Marshall Director, starring Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston; nominated Oscar Best Music, Original Musical or Comedy Score, Blockbuster Entertainment Award Favorite Soundtrack; and Lion King, Walt Disney, won two Oscars Best Music Score and Best Song “Can You Feel the Love Tonight”.

Rose has performed on national corporate marketing campaigns, including Cingular, Toyota, Coca Cola, Jack in the Box, Albertson, Coors Brewing Company, KFC, Princess Cruises, Red Lobster, Playtex and AT&T.

Rose’s latest project is the CD “Already Motivated”. What you’ll hear is what you have come to expect from her origins of rock and funk.  Stone produced this climatic project.

Songs like “Perfect Love”, “Can You Make It”, “Broad is the Way”, “Sooner or Later”, “Here I Go Again”, “Press On”, “Love Is More Than Words”, and the title song, “Already Motivated” were created with the freshness and familiar Family Stone rhythms.

When asked what kind of music she delivers, she emphatically states, “Rock. It’s what we do.” Rose is a musical genius. She writes. She directs, produces and plays several instruments.

After the CD release, Rose will present her story of personal challenges and triumph, a feature film entitled “Press On”.  The engaging, stirring, heart rending story features never-before-released knowledge about the group and a surprise collection and delightful rendition of family stories. 

Today Rose heads up ESOR Entertainment. Rose leads a group of talented artists and craftsmen who are working on recording and film ventures.  All of her projects display the same vision, vibrancy, fire and funk from the early days.

This dynamo also operates a charitable corporation whose mission is to teach and encourage cooperation and peace among diverse cultures and age groups particularly youth, based on principles and values learned from the positive lyrical expressions from the Sly and the Family Stone musical genus.

Rose performs and travels across the globe. For the past four years she has led a cadre of summer concerts in Japan. During the tour, her talents are called upon to train other artists.

Unreservedly enjoying life, Rose’s youthful looks and spirit are compelling. She makes things happen. “I am a mover and a shaker,” she says. “There are so many possibilities in life with my name written on them. I plan to take all of them." 

“This is the best time of my life. Whatever it takes, I’m there,” Rose enthusiastically states.

“God blessed me with a wonderful life. I am grateful and I intend to enjoy every moment living it up to the fullest. And while I’m doing that, I plan to bring joy to as many people as possible.”

Look for Rose Stone everywhere, still having fun and making the world a better place through her endeavors!


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